Calvin Bey, Arkansas

As a long-time natural/organic gardener, I take pride in growing quality produce. Yet, I always keep looking for products that will provide improvement.  Last fall I sprayed Rejuvenate over the entire garden area, and then followed up with Nutra-live Growth and Nutra-live Vitality for my fall vegetables.  I used 2.5 ounces of each and sprayed it weekly, over a 1000 square foot area.  As a result, I grew my best cole crops ever.  This spring I repeated those treatments and also added 2 ounces of PhotoMag to the mix.  Every crop has simply been exceptional.  Larger leaves, more blooms, and more quality produce was and continues to be the normal.  Brix levels were good, and taste improved.  


I am convinced that these products are making the difference.  See photos regarding beans and tomatoes.  


Blessings, Calvin and Doris Bey, Harmony Gardens, Fayetteville, AK


"In 2016, I grew 172 pounds of pole beans (Rattlesnake variety) on 100 square feet. I consider this exceptional and attribute a good deal of the success to NutraLive, which I applied weekly."



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