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A Revolutionary Approach To Strawberry Nutrition. Healthier Plants. Increased Yield.

Surpass your competition this season with a NEW, revolutionary system that will increase fruit yield – and your profit margin!

Advancing Eco Agriculture has developed a proven, 3-part system for commercial strawberry operations that delivers astonishing results.



In a 2016 trial by a major strawberry grower in Santa Maria, California, yield increased a substantial 17% within the first month of use, with an overall average yield increase of 12.5%. 


We’ve made it easy for you to get started right away with competitive pricing and personal support from our trained crop specialists.


When you order, you’ll receive:

A FREE needs assessment from a trained crop specialist who will help you customize a plan tailored to your soil type, strawberry varieties, and current fertility/disease control plan.

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Our Revolutionary System:

  • Maximizes reproduction of buds and flowers while improving nutrient absorption – perfect for strawberries.

  • Immediately delivers highly bioavailable macro and micronutrients to the plants. 

  • Creates the perfect environment for rapid root expansion. 

  • Encourages natural resistance to both disease and pests.

  • Can easily be used with current crop management systems.  


Our program includes:

Accelerate™  Accelerate signals the plant reproductive chemistry to vastly increase quantity and viability of buds and flowers while improving nutrient absorption and reducing blossom loss.   


HoloMac™ and HoloMic™ This micronized nutrient blend provides N, P, K, Mg, Ca, S and vital micronutrients, improves plant uptake, increases photosynthesis, and enhances microbial populations. These blends are uniquely formulated and manufactured to avoid denaturing the molecular makeup of the ingredients, which leads to optimal plant uptake.


Plus a custom root development blend, proprietary enzyme biostimulants, and plant growth enhancing microbes.


How It Works:

AEA has developed revolutionary technology that micronizes minerals and nutrients and suspends them in a high-energy liquid compound – allowing them to work together synergistically, and making them highly bioavailable to the soil, root system and plant – for nearly immediate results!


Order this cutting edge program now, and get yields above and beyond your expectations! For orders on 9 acres or more, you receive one acre free, or free shipping, your choice!

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See the details of this new trial showing yield increases and root damage control in Anthracnose infected strawberries.