Sap Analysis Samples 1-25 sets ( 2 samples per set)

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Orders for Sap Analysis require additional, crop-specific information to be collected from the grower before the sample labels, described below, can be generated and your order completed. Please call our Customer Care Team at 800-495-6603, ext. 344, M-F, 8am-6pm Eastern.

We are excited to introduce next generation plant sap analysis technology, which can provide fast and accurate diagnosis of nutritional imbalances. Monitoring nutrient interactions and nutrient movement can quickly reveal a plant's desired levels of nutrition for optimum yield and quality.

When you order your sap samples for the year, we will help you complete a thorough sample information form, which will include field ID, crop, variety, and number of sample sets needed for that field through the year. (A sample set is two analyses, one for old leaves, and one for new leaves from the same plants.)

The lab will generate and supply a kit with barcoded labels and sample bags. Each set of labels will be for a specific field and crop based on the information you supply. The use of barcoded labels enables us to slash analysis reporting time and send you reports very quickly.

You will use the kit to collect and send your samples in to the lab on a regular, consistent basis.

When samples are received at the lab, the barcodes are scanned and all the field and crop information is populated automatically. As soon as the sample analysis is complete, excel and pdf reports are generated and automatically emailed to the people you specify on the label request form.

The recipients can include you, and your farm consultant or advisor, who will help you interpret the data and determine what inputs, if any, are needed.

Sap analysis reports include twenty-three data points, all the standard macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as multiple forms of nitrogen, pH, EC, sugar content, and extra traces such as molybdenum, selenium, cobalt, silicon, and others.

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