When Quality Food Becomes Mainstream

December 19, 2013


As a followup to yesterdays post, what are some of the changes which could occur when healthy food becomes the mainstream standard?


In reality, producing high quality foods in a regenerative agriculture model is usually less expensive than with our current production systems.


Farmers using regenerative models will become the lowest cost producers, since they have the lowest input costs, and the highest levels of production.


Premium quality food can become affordable and available for anyone, not just a premium priced product for a small segment of consumers.


To accomplish this, two things will need to happen:  A. truly regenerative models need to be implemented, not merely sustainable models, and B. these regenerative systems need to be implemented on a wide scale.


These changes can happen quickly. Much sooner than we may expect.


This is our mission at AEA. To have regenerative models of agriculture become the accepted model around the world, effectively upgrading a system which has long needed a complete overhaul, and which has outlived its usefulness.

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