November 15, The First Day of Spring

November 6, 2013


In regenerative agriculture systems, spring begins in the fall.


Both annual and perennial crops have their most important Critical points of Influence (CPIs) in the spring.


For annual crops the most important stage is at planting and transplanting.


For perennial crops, the most important stage is blossoming and pollination.



These stages are critical, especially from a plant health perspective.


Susceptibility for potential disease or insect pressure later on in the growing season is setup at this stage.


Providing optimum nutrition at this stage can have more of an impact on yield and quality than almost anything else we can do.


The short term solution is to utilize plant nutritional supplements to try to supply the plants immediate needs, to bandaid any nutritional shortfalls, and to circumvent any potential disease or insect challenges.


The real answer in a systems based model, is to have an active soil microbial community release large reserves of plant available nutrition in the fall and over the winter months for rapid plant absorption in the spring.


The vitality and vigor of plants in the spring, is determined by the activity of the soil microbial community in the fall.


A successful model begins with microbial stimulation in the fall. In our systems, we utilize fall Rejuvenate applications to provide crops with a head start in the spring.

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