Quality Drives Yield

October 31, 2013


Many farmers who test our plant nutrition systems and products harvest  yields which are exceptionally higher than their historical averages. We regularly see double digit yield increases in many different types of crops.


This is in contrast with the analytical and reference models we have developed for optimizing plant nutrition, which focus on improving quality, and view yield as a result, not a goal.


Mainstream agronomy focuses on optimizing plant nutrition to increase yields.


At Advancing Eco Agriculture we focus on optimizing plant nutrition to increase quality.


What does plant quality mean?


It means having a functional immunity, being resistant to diseases and insects, higher test weight grains, lower moisture content, improved storability, better shelf life, and improved flavor and sweetness.


As quality improves, you can't stop yield from increasing.


This fundamentally different approach to plant nutrition has lead to yield increases ranging from 10% to as much as 50% on many common crops.

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