What Quality Food Can Provide

October 22, 2013


As farmers and food producers, we have a tremendous responsibility.


We can do more to keep people healthy than all the doctors and hospitals combined.


We can help prevent people from becoming ill. Which allopathic medicine cannot accomplish.


How can we do this? Two ways:


First we can provide high quality foods with high levels of nutrition. According to the USDA data the nutrient levels in our food have declined  significantly in the last few decades. Today we need to eat three apples to get the same nutrition our grandparents got from one apple.


Secondly we can discontinue lacing our foods with toxins. As we produce plants with a functional immunity we can earn the right to discontinue the use of pesticides.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman provides an excellent description of the potential health benefits  high quality food in peoples diet can deliver.

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