Why Regenerative Agriculture?

October 21, 2013


There is a good deal of buzz around agriculture sustainability.


We need to ask the question: What is it that we wish to sustain?


I would suggest we cannot have a sustainable agriculture today.


We are too far down the hill.


We are realizing only a very small fraction of our capacity and the capacities our plants are capable of. Why would we be satisfied with mediocrity?


FIRST: We need to have a discussion about regenerating agricultural systems. Regenerating soil and plant health to achieve more of our true potential. Only when we have developed a regenerative model of agriculture, can we have a discussion about sustainability.


These radishes were produced utilizing a regenerative agriculture model: 

They were harvested 6 weeks after planting, weighed an average of 8 oz each, were the size of a softball, and were sweet and crisp all the way through.


We are routinely achieving only a fraction of our true potential.


This is why we discuss a regenerative agriculture.

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