Regenerate soil and plant health with top quality liquid biostimulants

October 18, 2013


Many nutrient inputs applied to crops and soils  are intended for one of two very different purposes.

Liquid fertilizers are intended to get a rapid and strong plant response.

Biostimulants are usually intended to enhance soil microbial communities.


There are very few materials which can do both, and even fewer which do both well. A common challenge is that many of the materials commonly used today  accelerate one side of the soil/plant system at the expense of the other. Many liquid fertilizers can generate a quick gain in plant growth, but at the expense of the soil microbial community.


This results in a long term degenerative cycle, in which soil health and plant health continues to degrade over time.


To create a truly regenerative system, we need to utilize crop inputs which both enhance plant growth, and stimulate soil microbial communities at the same time. This is a foundational element of a regenerative agricultural cycle, in which both soil health and plant health are constantly evolving and improving to higher and higher levels of performance.



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