October 7, 2013


Hi and welcome to all my friends, including those I have not met yet. I am glad you are joining us on this blog. We will be sharing many innovative ideas and thoughtful inspirations for the future of farming and agrarian culture.


Our purpose at AEA is to demonstrate a regenerative model of agriculture.  A model in which soil organic matter is rebuilt, soil microbial populations increase dramatically, and plants are able to resist disease and pest attack by having a functional immune system. This model is capable of producing plants with very high levels of nutrition and inherent immunity, which are then transferred to the people and the animals which consume these crops.

This is a model which has been proven in the field, and one we help farmers achieve on their farms every day.


Today there is a good deal of discussion about agricultural sustainability. It is our contention that agriculture cannot be sustainable at the low performance levels we are satisfied with today. We are too far down hill to be sustainable. We need to have a regeneration of agriculture to a higher level before we can have a discussion about sustainability.


Ultimately, our goal is to have this regenerative model of agriculture become the accepted model around the world. We desire to see the land regenerate, crop quality improve, the local ecology and environment become revitalized, and local economies become stable and self sustaining, globally. All of these goals can be accomplished by developing regenerative systems of food production capable of producing large yields of high quality food with a minimum of imported inputs.


We have been very successful in helping farmers achieve these goals in their fields on many different types of crops in many different climates. The core concepts of the regenerative models we have developed are well documented and have been validated in the field.


There are huge opportunities in agriculture and in food production to increase quality, to increase shelf life, and to significantly increase our marketable yields. We are seeking to work with people who share our vision and our inspiration. People who we can collaborate with to create a bright future. Together we are better.


The vision for this blog is to share our insights into agricultural and ecological systems, and the ideas and the core concepts of the regenerative agriculture models we have developed and implemented on many farms.


We will provide regular updates of ideas and inspirations and look forward to you input and feedback!




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