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Fall Rejuvenate Program


Buy Rejuvenate, Seashield, and Spectrum now for healthier soil and increased yields.

Surpass your competition next season with a fall applied system that will decrease disease – and increase yields and your profit margin!

We have developed a proven, fall applied system for commercial growing operations that delivers astonishing results.

  • Rapidly digest soil residue 

  • Increase organic matter

  • Decrease chance of overwintering disease

  • Increase microbial population

  • Deliver highly bioavailable macro and micronutrients to the soil 

  • Increase natural resistance to disease and insect pests

—  Ed Curry, Curry Seed and Chile Company

“For the first time we truly see hope against serious disease that has been so devastating to the pepper industry worldwide. We are anxious to get season two under our belts."


We’ve made it easy for you to get started right away with competitive pricing and personal support from our trained crop specialists.


When you order, you’ll receive:

A FREE needs assessment from a trained crop specialist who will help you customize a plan tailored to your soil type, crop, and current fertility/disease control plan.

The Rejuvenate Program Includes:

  • Rejuvenate, a biological stimulant and energy source for microbes

  • SeaShield, a cold processed liquid crab and shrimp concentrate

  • Spectrum, a soil inoculant 

Call Now!

800-495-6603 ext. 344

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