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The Regenerative Soil Primer

Work alongside biology and grow healthier crops with AEA’s Regenerative Soil Primer.


The Regenerative Soil Primer, typically consisting of Spectrum, Rejuvenate, and SeaShield in a single application keeps your soil teeming with biological activity.

Whether you are looking to boost microbial populations, increase cover crop success, digest crop residue more rapidly, or decrease chances of overwintering disease, the Regenerative Soil Primer can help unlock the nutrients needed for crop quality and disease resistance.

Growing and developing crops need an abundance of nutrients, chiefly calcium and nitrogen, from the soil. With the Regenerative Soil Primer, soils can provide the nutrients needed for crop quality and disease resistance.

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Rejuvenate™ ensures a successful inoculation event, feeding microbes in all manner of conditions.


SeaShield™’s amino acid nitrogen supports the growth of beneficial fungal populations, which are often lacking in farmed soils, contributing greatly to the fertility cycling of a crop.


Spectrum™ enhances and restores beneficial soil microbe populations to augment the natural mineralization processes that occur in healthy soils.

How does it work? 

See the Soil Primer in Action

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