Regenerative Soil Health Program

The Regenerative Soil Health Program typically consists of Rejuvenate, SeaShield, and an inoculant like Spectrum applied to the soil in the fall and works to increase soil biology. The program has been observed to:

  • Increase porosity and soil tilth

  • Digest crop residue rapidly

  • Improve organic matter

  • Decrease chance of overwintering disease

  • Boost microbial population

  • Increase bioavailability of macro- and micronutrients in the soil 

  • Build natural resistance to disease and insect pests

See The Program In Action

 Two AEA partners & no-till wheat growers out of Kansas were determined to reduce their soluble nitrogen usage—as well as improve their soil health and bottom line. They ran some trials on their wheat to see if they could get a greater yield with the use of AEA’s BioCoat Gold and the Soil Health Primer Program.

Wheat Head Length (inches)

Test weight (pounds per bushel)

Wheat Berries per Head

John Kempf and grower Lennis Koehn discuss the significant yield increases seen on dryland corn in Kansas using the Soil Health program from AEA.

Ted Bruns, a Nebraska farmer, describes how Canada thistles spreading and overtaking his fields were drastically reduced after the use of AEA's Soil Health program.

Owner of Lynd Fruit Farm Andy Lynd describes how his orchard soil changed from lifeless and hard to full of biological and earthworm activity with AEA's Soil Health program.

—  Mike Omeg, Omeg Family Orchards


“I'm seeing a real return on investment from the fall Rejuvenate program. We apply Rejuvenate, SeaShield, and Spectrum every fall, and have noted dramatic increases in soil biology leading to better tree health."

— Loren Kauffman, Kish Valley BioAg

"We've seen a big increase in biological life, and organic matter. The soil in fields where we apply the fall program is visibly more mellow."



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