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As Conventional Prices Rise, Regenerative Leader Slashes Costs

By Dan Schultz, October 11, 2022

In the face of climbing input prices, Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), the leader in regenerative agriculture, is offering a fall promotion to lower prices and help more farmers transition to regenerative practices. The promotion includes all AEA and Tainio Biological products.

“Our promise as a company is to help growers make more money with regenerative agriculture,” said Jason Hobson, CEO of AEA. “We intend to keep that promise, even in these times of unprecedented input supply chain and price volatility. We are proud to announce that our 2022 Fall Promo includes more options over a longer period than ever before.”

AEA has grown significantly over the last few years and now includes growers in every region of the country.

“We are expanding to more and more growing zones and our experience in increasingly differentiated crop environments has allowed us to display the many forms regenerative agriculture can take and shown how effective our farm-customized approach can be,” said Kish Johnson, National Sales Director of AEA.

Most farmers know that soil health is essential to farm profitability, but few know exactly where to start.

“That’s where we come in,’ said Johnson. “We meet growers right where they’re at and provide them with crucial information. We sit down with them and try to identify the best suite of products that is best for them and their operation. If that’s our product, great - if there’s a better solution for one of our customers, we let them know about it.”

AEA has a catchphrase that they commonly use: “Don’t guess, test.”

“We are on a mission to put more power in the hands of our nation’s producers,” said Johnson. “It’s built into the ethos of our company: when the rest of the market zigs, we’re going to test to see if zagging is better. When most retailers are forced to raise prices and prescribe increasingly harsh chemistry, we’re here cutting our prices and encouraging farmers to strengthen their plants through a more balanced fertility plan. Everything we do is in the name of ‘power to the producer.’”

If farmers are going to improve their soil health - and as a result, their farm profitability - over time, they need a way to adapt management practices to better align their efforts across their entire farm ecosystem.

“We must identify what is not working. When most of us think of our operation, we unconsciously accept and assume certain conventional characteristics,” said Hobson. “We say things like, ‘this is how it’s done around here,” and ‘we have to do it this way.’ However, we believe that you need to introduce incremental changes into the way you farm so that you can begin to think differently about the entire system. As you continue to iterate and learn, test different management practices so you can identify where your limiting factors exist today.”

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