AEA Standard Greens Program

This example AEA program is representative of the products and rates that continually result in improved crop production of salad greens crops across the country. This program is used for any lettuce, kale, endive, or other greens crop not meant to flower. For the small grower, these product applications are an excellent start to regenerative management. There is no one size fits all solution, though. Programs should be fine-tuned based on soil and sap reports, crop advisor recommendations, actual plant performance, and where appropriate, organic certification requirements. AEA can arrange for customized consulting to better maximize performance on your acreage and address any problems your greens may be facing. AEA’s crop nutrition management program can bring higher yields and improved resistance to insects and disease through optimized nutrition resulting in greater economic returns. Our programs produce greens resistant to aphids and powdery mildew with an outstanding increase in flavor and quality without bitterness or saltiness.
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