AEA Standard Grain Program

This example AEA program is representative of the products and rates that have produced beneficial results for growers of grain crops across the country. For the small grower, these product applications are a solid start to regenerative management. There is no one size fits all solution, though. Programs should be modified based on soil and sap reports, crop advisor recommendations, actual plant performance, and where appropriate, organic certification requirements. AEA can arrange for customized consulting to better maximize performance on your acreage. AEA’s crop nutrition management program can bring higher yields and improved resistance to insects and disease through optimized nutrition resulting in greater economic returns.

AEA cultural management tips for grains and small grains

Working with grain farmers across the country, we have had excellent results with disease and pest resistance, increased grain size and weight, extreme temperature resistance, and more. Our consultants can help you craft the best program for your crop and soil. We use existing agronomic information, along with plant sap analysis to provide you with a detailed blueprint of the nutrition needed for optimum yields and quality. Our programs can lead to saving even more money in fertilizer costs by opening plants' ability to tap hidden mineral reserves in the soil.

Grain Success

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