Preventing Yield Loss at Planting

by Nathan Harman, AEA Staff Consultant

February 2, 2018

What is the single most powerful influence on yield?


Many growers are aware that the early stages of a plant’s life are the most critical point of influence. Stresses that happen in early stages have a much greater negative impact than stresses that happen in later stages. In the video above, Nathan Harman talks about how stress at planting reduces bud initiation and results in lower yield. 


Critical points of influence is the framework that the agronomy team at Advancing Eco Agriculture uses to determine when fertility inputs will have the most impact and when they should be applied. Watch the video to learn how plants communicate with the environment and make reproductive choices based on the available nutrient and energy levels. Nathan talks about the solutions and management practices growers can use to maintain a crop's yield potential throughout the season.