Ensuring a Great Harvest in 2019 Starts This Year!

It is clear, that waiting until next year to increase quality and yield is too late.


In tree fruits, nuts, and berries -- the buds for next years’ crop are initiated during this growing season, while the fruit is still on the plant or tree.  As this is happening, nutritional applications are reduced or discontinued in many orchards.


This is a recipe for a future decline, not a future increase. 


Mike Omeg, an Oregon cherry grower, talks about fruit firmness and size increase in correlation with the post-harvest program.

Using AEA Post Harvest Program

Oregon Cherry Grower saw improvements in size and yield noted in treated vs control blocks and harvested 110% of normal yield after historic 2014 freeze. 

California Nectarine Grower using saw 24% more yield at harvest in Nectarines and 22% increase in size and firmness. 

“During the growing season of 2017, I saw the new high-quality fruit and a high percentage of marketable yields I haven’t seen in years. My production and sales teams are excited about the opportunities ahead, and I am happy that the post-harvest applications in 2016 are paying off. .” 

—  Jimmy Simonian, Simonian Fruit Company



  •  Increase the number of buds and the quality of buds and fruitwood.

  •  Reduce disease susceptibility in the spring.

  •  Increase frost resistance.


...IS NOW.

—  Mike Omeg, Omeg Family Orchards

“Starting at the end of harvest in 2015, I said to myself, I'm seeing some real benefits from this post-harvest program; a real return on my investment. I'm going to add the program to more acres next year.” (Omeg saw an increase in frost protection and an increase in bud quality and size relating to increased cherry size at harvest.)

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