Plant Sap Analysis

Have you ever felt like soil samples aren't telling you the whole story? What if you could pinpoint plant nutritional issues weeks before they show up in the field? Plant sap analysis shows plant mineral levels and highlights nutritional deficiencies and excesses before they cause any damage. Sap analysis provides the opportunity to determine, then apply the precise amount of a needed nutrient before a deficiency manifests as a disease or weakness. With plant sap analysis, you can proactively solve problems and achieve higher levels of quality and yield in your crop. Monitoring the nutrients in plant sap provides some in-depth, practical insights into the factors which influence nutrient mobility at different stages of growth while providing the grower with information to empower data-driven management decisions.

The Plant Sap Analysis Process

Are you wondering whether plant sap analysis is for you, how the testing process works, or how it might fit in with your schedule? Click on the image to view and download a high-quality, full-size infographic about the process of working with plant sap analysis.

Benefits of Plant Sap Analysis:

Identify indicators of nutrient crises before they occur
Track nutrient flow and compare levels to target values
Address nutrient problems before they manifest as compromised vitality or yields.
Solve problems proactively and achieve higher levels of quality and yield in your crop
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