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It takes partnerships

While we aspire to be a model of dynamic modern business, we don't work alone. We team up with many organizations to provide unsurpassed value to our customers. For new partnership inquiries, please contact us.

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Our organic certification in California comes from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, a cabinet level agency in the government of CA whose primary focus is to ensure in every way possible environmentally safe and agronomically sound use and handling of fertilizer materials. This is performed through regulating manufacturing, labeling, and use of fertilizing materials.

Logan Labs

Logan Labs is a leading provider of soil sampling diagnostic services to all areas of the agricultural community, who pride themselves on their quick turnaround time and analytical accuracy, and are a participating member of the North American Proficiency Testing Program.

Washington State University

Washington State University scientists aim to transform food production methods to increase quality, quantity, and sustainability. Their problem-solving research keeps the state’s $35 billion food and agriculture industry among the most competitive in the world. On-farm trials, such as the trial evaluating the efficacy of AEA products, work to give farmers clear and unbiased answers about product effectiveness.

Oregon State University

Oregon State researchers are leaders and innovators in natural resources, technology, agriculture, public health and other areas. Oregon’s leading public research university partners with communities and businesses across the state, the nation and the world to solve our most challenging problems. On-farm trials, such as the trial evaluating the efficacy of AEA products, work to give farmers clear and unbiased answers about product effectiveness.

BioNutrient Food Association

We are proud to support the BioNutrient Food Association, whose mission is to increase the quality of our food supply.

United States Department of Agriculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture sets standards and oversees farmers and businesses to ensure that food is produced with responsible and legal methods.

Nova Crop Control

We partner with Nova Crop Control, a research and test center specializing in plant sap analysis, for our sap testing technology.

Omeg Family Orchards

Omeg Family Orchards is a 350 acre family owned cherry orchard located in The Dalles, Oregon. We are proud to partner with Omeg Orchards on research trials and annual educational events.

Eco Farm Association and Conference

We teamed up with Driscoll's, Whole Foods, Lakeside Organic Gardens, and many others, to sponsor the Eco Farm Conference, offering training, workshops, and networking opportunities to support organic farmers.

Mid America Organic Conference

We support and are members of the Mid America Organic Conference, an organization with the goal of educating farmers and consumers about organic and sustainable agriculture.
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