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AEA works with many amazing farmers to help their visions become a reality.


Here are some.

Jimmy Simonian,

Simonian Fruit Company

I am a tree fruit, grape, and raisin grower in the Central Valley of California. Like all farmers who have survived California's drought, I was eager to improve the fruit size, fruit quality, and yield of my orchards. Trying different solutions over several years of time, industry options became limited.


Then I met Mike Omeg, a cherry grower from Oregon at an industry event. Mike told me how he reduces disease pressure by balancing nutrition with plant sap analysis and focusing on soil health with programs from Advancing Eco Agriculture. I became hopeful that there was a solution. I started my farm on a soil and nutrition balancing program at once, in late fall of 2016.


During the growing season of 2017, I harvested higher quality fruit and a high percentage of marketable yields I haven’t seen in years. My production and sales teams are excited about the opportunities ahead, and I am happy that the innovations are paying off.

Mike Omeg, Omeg Family Orchards

My family has been farming our land for over a hundred years. I’m the fifth generation to live and farm here. The farm has been in continuous family ownership since my great-grandfather purchased it in 1905. ​


I believe that every farmer must constantly question their crop management strategy and search for areas that need improvement.  Several years ago I began looking at alternative methods of production because we had become experts at managing our trees from the ground up but had paid little attention to the soil. I felt that this might be an area for improvement. ​


I became very interested in the soil because in conventional tree fruit agriculture, the soil seems to be viewed solely as the media required to keep the tree upright and not really all that important beyond that. I wanted to look at ways that we could enhance our soil and see how that impacted our tree health and fruit quality.

My search for information on soil enhancement led to me meeting David Miller, John Kempf and Jason Hobson at a convention several years ago.  I had never heard of AEA and their ideas before this meeting, but I really liked what I heard in our discussion and knew that AEA could provide me with the assistance I need to enhance my soils and improve my farm. ​

organic liquid fertilizer

Ed Curry, Curry Seed And Chile Company

Curry Seed and Chile Company is responsible for a very large portion of many varieties of green Chile grown across the chile belt, both in the US, Mexico, and other capsicum producing countries.

We are always looking for ways to help improve our seed quality. John Kempf has provided us with tools we haven’t seen before, as well as being very open to using not only AEA products but other biology as well.


John is an amazing soil scientist. In all my years of working in genetics John has provided us with some amazing down to earth wisdom about molecular level soil health and soil healing.


For the first time we truly see hope against serious disease that has been so devastating to the pepper industry worldwide. We are anxious to get season 2 under our belts.


It is hard for us to believe this works as well as it does without harsh and dangerous fungicides.  I believe now we have a chance to be successful against disease with natural means that are so much safer for our total eco system


Thank you John Kempf and Gary Reding for being persistent and yet patient with us. Truth sets us free in so many ways and as you folks at AEA continue to bring more truths to the agricultural community the world will benefit more and more.

Marty, Kris, and Will Travis,

Spence Farm

Spence Farm is the oldest family farm in Livingston County IL. In previous generations it was planted in corn and soybeans, but we now grow all manner of vegetables, grains, and forages.

Some of the main challenges we faced when we began farming these crops were quality issues, and figuring out how to deal with bug and disease problems. 

Since working with Gary Reding, we've learned how to understand a plant's total health, and we've gained a much greater understanding of what goes on in a plant's life.

I appreciate our relationship with AEA and our farm consultant, Gary Reding. It's not just about the products; it's about the information, and the learning curve that we go through together. 

Chad Koehn

On our farm we grow corn and barley for feed, dry beans, and chile peppers.


The peppers are very susceptible to bacterial spot and AEA products have been some help to us in fighting this disease. We have more to learn to get the plant nutrition levels to where we have even more resistance to disease. 


I am happy with the consulting help that we get from AEA. Attention from John Kempf and working with Gary Reding has been a great help and we have appreciated the AEA inputs very much. The sap sampling is a great tool but does take a lot of time to collect on our part. A big thanks to them and I am looking forward to the future with AEA.



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