Orchard of the Future Videos

Omeg Family Orchards

We planted root stock trees on our new Orchard of the Future block this spring, planning to graft them this fall and grow a full grown tree by next spring. We planted two different sizes, some that were about 18 inches tall and some that were 10 to 12 inches tall.


We didn’t keep them separate, and about half way through the season we realized that half of the block wasn't going to make it to the caliper needed to graft the dormant bud on this fall. So we looked at the sap analysis and we got really aggressive with the nutrition. This fall we were able to graft all except a hundred or so trees, and there was a 99 percent take on the buds.


Below are the videos taken of the block progressively throughout the season.

Root drench for weak trees

Orchard of the future update

Rootstock tree update​