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Post Harvest Foliar Nutrition

Join the hundreds of AEA customers who have successfully used the post harvest application program. 

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Download the Post Harvest Guide if you want more information on our post-harvest nutrient application program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the post harvest application program?

The program  consists of a base soil application and a series of foliar applications which are precisely determined by plant sap analysis.


The base soil program includes Rejuvenate™, Seashield™, and Spectrum™. These products together quickly digest leaf residue, increase microbial activity, and unlock stored soil reserves of minerals. 

The foliar applications include macro and micro nutrients and trace minerals, and are tailored to the trees' requirements with plant sap analysis. 

included in program

How does the program work?

The AEA Bud Optimization Program is a simple, yet powerful, three-step program:

  • Plant sap analysis,

  • Regenerative soil health program

  • Foliar nutritional applications applied at each crop’s unique bud initiation stage

how does the program work

What is plant sap analysis?

Plant sap analysis is a breakthrough way to detect mineral and nutrient deficiencies in plants 3-4 weeks before any visible symptoms, and two weeks before standard tissue testing. This creates the opportunity to apply the precise amount of a needed nutrient before a deficiency manifests as a disease or weakness. Plant sap analysis allows growers to supply plants with the minerals and nutrients needed for optimum health and growth throughout the entire growing and harvesting season.

What is plant sap analysis
What er the benefits of plant sap analysis?

What are the benefits of plant sap analysis?

  • Monitoring a crop with sap analysis identifies indicators of nutrient crises before they occur, 3-4 weeks before tissue analysis. This data allows for proactive, prescriptive, nutritional supplementation. 

  • The power of sap analysis is the ability to track nutrient flow throughout the growing season, and compare levels to established target values at each stage of development.

  • Results are bolstered yields and no wasted inputs.

  • Analysis equips growers with time to address nutrient problems before they manifest as compromised vitality or yields. It is a powerful tool to manage and adjust fertility strategies quickly and precisely, as it captures the exact nutrient uptake before metabolism in plant processes.

Help from consultant

Is on farm support a part of the program?

Yes. Our team of experts become our customer’s trusted round-the-clock support, with uncompromising commitment to ethics, honesty, trust and determination to increase your profit through our knowledge of balanced plant nutrition and biology. We don’t just send you anyone – we send dedicated, expert professionals who know their stuff and are committed to helping you grow. 


How will the consultant help be structured?

When you place an order for plant sap analysis, your consultant will guide and assist you in pulling the sample, and help you translate the results into an action plan based on your trees' nutritional needs. Consultants are available on the phone at any time, and visits are structured per demand/availability.

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