Nutrition in Stone Fruit Production

by John Kempf, Founder and Vision Builder

February 7, 2018

Are you challenged with poor quality or small sized fruit at harvest?


Fruit size and quality are primary concerns for fruit growers. At a time with especially volatile natural weather events, orchards need to be even better equipped to resist shock, extreme temperatures, and disease pests, and continue to produce high-quality crops. 

In this AEA webinar, John Kempf presented the steps to implementing an effective crop nutrition program, the tools AEA consultants use to solve difficult disease problems, and important information on key nutrient considerations that affect fruit size and quality. 


This topic is especially relevant for growers who are interested in the experiences the AEA team has had in the past several years increasing fruit size and quality with nutritional programs on orchards on the west coast, and who have questions about how this would work on their farms.

Watch the replay for actionable steps that make sense, improve your trees' resistance to pests and weather, and dramatically increase fruit size and quality.