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Complete mineral nutrition for your plants all season long

As a gardener, do you want access to the same sophisticated AEA product formulations that our professional growers use? 

NutraLive Growth and NutraLive Vitality are a comprehensive duo of macronutrients, micro-nutrients, and bio-enhancers that form the foundation of a sound garden nutrition program.

NutraLive works great for all types of vegetables and fruits and can even be applied to flowers!


Formulated by our founder, John Kempf, who has been on a decade-long mission to broaden regenerative approaches to agriculture to a worldwide scale, this duo is all you need to supply your garden with complete nutrition for the whole season.

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How does it works?

NutraLive™ Growth provides macro-nutrients - all the major building blocks for your plants, such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.


NutraLive™  Vitality provides micronutrients - everything your plants need for strong germination, robust root systems, pollination, fruit quality and a strong natural immune system.


Growth and Vitality work in tandem to supply what your garden needs to thrive.

Why should I apply the soil primer?


NutraLive has been observed to:

  • Produce more flowers/fruits

  • Increase bioavailability of macro- and micronutrients in the soil

  • Bring more flavor and nutrient density to your produce

  • Boost soil health, microbial populations, and soil life

  • Promote plants naturally resistant to disease and insect pressure

Why should I use NutraLiveTM?

How to use NutraLive

Use the lists and charts below to determine how much NutraLive Growth and NutraLive Vitality to apply for your general garden needs.


If shellfish allergies are a concern, do not harvest within 14 days of applying NutraLive Growth.

More information


NutraLive™ products are available in 1 gallon sizes.

However, if you find that you’d like to purchase them in larger quantities, NutraLive™ Growth and Vitality are available as the same AEA formulas called HoloMac™ and HoloMic™, respectively, in 5 gallon quantities and up.


What is the consistency of the product?


NutraLive is a liquid product. Please be sure to follow the packaging instructions.


How many seasons do the jugs last?


We recommend you using the product within the year you purchased.


Do I need both products?

NutraLive Growth and Vitality work in tandem to supply what your garden needs to thrive; we recommend using both products.

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