Modern Farming Is Hard On Soil

by Jason L. Hobson

March 22, 2016

Repeated tillage passes, monocropping and herbicide applications can burn up soil organic matter, degrade soil structure, and tie up critical micronutrients. 


These tight, compacted soils choke off plant root development and mineral uptake, robbing crops of the water and nutrition they need for maximum development.


Learn how you can change this by using Rejuvenate.


Without adequate air, water and organic matter, microbial communities suffocate and dwindle, further reducing the vital nutrient flow to crops and allowing undigested plant residue to build up in the soil, creating an ideal environment for insects and diseases to survive the winter. 


Over the past several years, we have had phenomenal success rapidly building healthy soil microbial populations using our key soil products, Rejuvenate™, SeaShield™ and Spectrum™. These materials have been proven to more than pay for themselves in reduced soil compaction and improved plant performance. Check out this youtube The Key To Stimulating Soil Biology


On farm after farm, in all areas of the country, we have seen dead soils come back to life in as little as one season. Crop residues break down faster, soil structure improves, microbial communities explode, and earthworms return.


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