You've found the most effective fertilizers, microbial stimulants, and plant nutrition products available!

Are the dollars you spend on fertilizers making money for you?

  • Perhaps the fertilizers you are applying are not plant-available

  • Perhaps they are being applied at a less than ideal time

  • Perhaps a key micronutrient is missing that is keeping everything else from working


At Advancing Eco Agriculture we do not put bandaids on the symptoms, but address the real causes of pest pressure and quality challenges. Call 800-495-6603 to schedule an in-depth consultation with one of our agronomic advisors.

These plant nutrition and soil building products work!

Ed Curry, Curry Seed and Chile Company

"For the first time we truly see hope against serious disease that has been so devastating to the pepper industry worldwide."

Loren Kauffman, Kish Valley BioAg

"The big difference that I'm excited about is the yield. We harvested 130-140 bu per acre vs. 50- 60 bu per acre on the untreated field. This was a drought year and for a drought year those numbers are amazing!"

Our focus is not on minimizing COST but on maximizing PROFIT

The cost of a program will vary per crop, and depend on whether you select a soil building program or a full season program and whether you include plant sap analysis. Plant sap analysis is a vital part of most programs and costs between $1,000 --- $2,500 per season. The soil building program costs $146 per acre, and full programs run from $100 --- $600 per acre, dependent on your crop, soil challenges, and budget. Connect with us for a custom quote by calling 800-495-6603.

Regenerative Agriculture Program Outline

When you reach out to us, we will take a careful look at your crops, soil type, and any pest or disease challenges you are working with. Any previous soil test results will be helpful at this point. 

We will prepare a custom program based on your crop and the chemistries and biology in your soil. If you contact us midseason because of a specific challenge, we will prepare a rescue remedy program for your challenge.

After your program has been prepared, we review the program with you to tell you what parts the specific pieces play, answer your questions and tailor the program as needed until satisfactory.

We provide exemplary customer service throughout the entire ordering and shipping process, and your consultant will guide you through the product application process and deployment of the program.

Your consultant is always a phone call away! We service all the US time zones.



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