Make 2021 the Year of Healthier Soils & Higher Profits with Regenerative Agriculture

Kick-Off the New Year with 6% Off Product Costs!*

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*Only redeemable for AEA and Tanio products. Not eligible for Sap Analysis or consulting fees. The discount levels below are available from January 4th to 31st, 2021.

Choose one of the following options to take advantage of the

2021 Kick-Off Discount: 

  • Place your order now with the 6% off.

  • Put down a payment, with no product specified, to secure the discount, then order your selected products at 6% off before Sept 30th, 2021.

Looking for more information on AEA products? Visit our online shop or submit a contact request today. 


We haven’t finalized our 2021 program with AEA yet. Can we still participate in the discount?

Absolutely! Put down a deposit to receive discounted products you’ll order in the coming season if you are still finalizing your 2021 plans.

Can I use my 2021 Kick-Off Discount toward Plant Sap Analysis or consulting fees?

Only AEA and Tanio products are eligible for this January discount. Plant Sap Analysis or consulting fees are not eligible for the discount.

What happens if I haven’t used my Kick-Off credit before September 30th 2021?

Your credit will still be available for you to use but the Kick-Off Discount will no longer apply.

Is my Kick-Off deposit refundable?

No. Any funds put down as a deposit toward the 2021 Kick-Off Discount are not refundable for cash value.



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