November 7, 2013


This photo is from a field where Rejuvenate was trialed on corn residue. 


On the left, the corn stalks from the untreated control have maintained a high degree of integrity and are not yet beginning to decompose.


The corn stalks on the right, collected where Rejuvenate was applied, are beginning to break down very rapidly....

November 6, 2013


In regenerative agriculture systems, spring begins in the fall.


Both annual and perennial crops have their most important Critical points of Influence (CPIs) in the spring.


For annual crops the most important stage is at planting and transplanting.


For perennial crops, the most important stage is blossoming and pollination...

October 22, 2013


When we talk about soil amendments, we usually think about limestone or compost.


I believe we are really missing the the biggest piece of pie.


Should we focus our use of soil amendments on remineralizing soils or on rebuilding soil microbial communities?


Considering our limited mineral resources, should we even try to amen...

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December 27, 2014

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