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The Holo™ Series

Regardless of the crops you grow, macronutrients like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus are absolutely essential for healthy, high-quality plants.  AEA’s Holo™ Series is designed to provide plant-available organic forms of these key nutrients. Holo-K™, HoloCal™, and HoloPhos™ are primarily individual nutrient sources. HoloMac™ and HoloMic™, on the other hand, provide broad coverage of vital macro- and micronutrients as a whole plant-fertility solution.

How does the program increase soil biology?

Follow all label instructions before application. Additionally, see our Product Usage Guide for mixing, equipment, and usage tips.


Frequent applications at low rates allow for much more effective nutrient uptake than large occasional doses. Weekly or biweekly applications are typical. Each crop's critical points of influence demand specific timings of these and other nutrients. Look at our example programs by crop to get an understanding of our general recommended timings.


Holo™ products are liquids intended for soil, fertigation, and foliar applications. Foliar applications can be particularly successful for crops grown on soils with poor nutrient availability, and/or suffering from damage or stress. For further assistance, contact your consultant or the AEA Customer Care Team at 800-495-6603.

Why Holo™?

While soil reports may indicate ample or high rates of calcium, potassium, or phosphorus, we have observed that plant uptake of them is often lacking. AEA’s Holo™ products let you strike the right balance for your plants’ specific nutrient needs; apply what is needed, as needed.


Holo-K™, HoloCal™, and HoloPhos™ provide organically chelated, ultra-micronized nutrients that can be applied in any liquid application, depending on need. Holo-K™ supplies 12% potassium which enhances sugar transport, new growth, and disease resistance. HoloCal™ contains 7% calcium and .02% boron which work together to improve plant vigor, fruit quality and storability. HoloPhos™, 7% phosphorus, 7% calcium, works to boost root vigor and plant vitality, as well as improve photosynthetic efficiency. 


Are you looking for a more comprehensive fertility package?

HoloMac™ and HoloMic™ applied together provide a strong foundation of macro- and micronutrients, humic substances, seafood hydrolysate, and kelp. HoloMac™ and HoloMic™ are diverse products that fulfill multiple needs, such as:

  • Increase photosynthetic efficiency 

  • Support microbial populations 

  • Promote mineral release from soil reserves 

  • Improve plant nutrient uptake

  • Support the production of plant secondary metabolites

  • Provide enzyme cofactors to enable plants to build complex proteins

  • Encourage larger, stronger roots

  • Establish plant resistance to environmental stresses

Watch a HoloK review

Looking for a custom regenerative ag program for the whole season?

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Our consultants work with large growers to create customized crop programs, combining our biological and mineral nutrition products with regenerative practices to improve crop quality, yields, and disease and insect resistance while regenerating soil health.

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