Why Are Spider Mites Only Attracted To Certain Fields?

by John Kempf

October 6, 2017

On September 7, Advancing Eco Agriculture hosted an event at the Haskell County fairgrounds where John Kempf and David Miller presented some new information on how to manage and prevent spider mite problems in cornfields.


Spider mites are attracted to corn plants with a specific nutrient profile which meets their nutritional requirements as a food source. When the nutrient ratios are shifted, corn plants become much less desirable to spider mites, and pest pressure can be substantially reduced. John and David described how to manage plant nutrition to produce crops that are mite and insect resistant.


Brad Koehn from Scott City Kansas also described his experiences in working with Advancing Eco Agriculture’s plant nutrition products and management strategies. He has observed foliar applications of plant nutrition products prevent and reverse mite infestations on organic and conventional corn crops, achieving effective control without any miticide applications.


You can learn why mite infestations occur, and what you can do about it in this video recording of the presentations. Call us to learn what we would recommend specifically for your farm.


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