Genetics Are Not The Limiting Factor

by John Kempf, Founder of AEA

July 28, 2015

Genetics are not our limiting factor. The mineral nutrients in the soil, which are the building blocks for growing plants, are the limiting factors in producing quality and stress-resistant crops.


I believe that plants have the opportunity and the genetics to consistently surpass what we accept to be normal. Just because something is common doesn’t necessarily mean that this is normal, and all that a plant is capable of producing. 


What we have learned about plant structure and mineral nutrition has tremendous implications for stress and drought tolerance.


Plants receive different types of stress throughout a growing season. There will be stress from drought, excess moisture, or disease and insect stress. However, we are learning that many of these stress factors and their influence on crop yields is directly dependent on that plant’s overall health, which is a function of mineral nutrition.


So what is possible under drought conditions? I’ve said before that I don’t believe we really know what truly healthy plants really look like anymore. Once we begin providing healthy nutrition to a variety of crops, we see plant quality and yield increase dramatically as the plant gains the essential minerals needed for growth. 


So we have tremendous possibilities in enabling plants to resist drought stress and low moisture stress in a variety of ways.