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Forage Foliar Blend™ - Forage Solution

 Forage Foliar Blend™ is a combination of HoloPhos™, SeaStim™, PhotoMag™, and MicroPak™. It puts many of our most effective products used by forage producers into one package. Forage Foliar Blend consistently improves quality, energy, and yield of all types of forage and pasture. 


"After one application of Forage Foliar Blend™, my cows graze fescue much better than they used to, leaving much less refusal spot. This has really helped production on my pastures." 

Dairy Farmer, OH


“I bought 5 gallons of Forage Foliar Blend™ to try on my Alfalfa. Where I sprayed Forage Foliar Blend™ there was hardly any insect pressure compared to where I didn’t spray." 

      Gary Schaffer Frankfurt, OH

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