AEA products are equally as effective for flower production as for food! These pictures from a Wisconsin bedding-plant and hanging-basket grower show the kind of vitality and production we expect from AEA nutrition.  


The client used HoloMac™ and HoloMic™ regularly via the greenhouse watering system, along with Rebound™ micronutrients as called for, to maintain tight, compact, deep green, disease-free foliage with no early flowering. Two weeks before Mother’s Day, the absolute peak of his marketing window, he applied Accelerate™. This resulted in an extraordinarily concentrated full bloom at exactly the right moment. A ¼ rate of Accelerate™ was used weekly thereafter with HoloMac™ and HoloMic™ until all plants were sold. Business is thriving with repeat customers, who remark that his AEA-fed plants continue to stay healthy and flower for much longer than competitors’.