Earn free Plant Sap Analysis*

*From now until September 30th 2021:

Earn 1 free set of Plant Sap Analysis per every $3,000 spent on all AEA liquid mineral nutrition products and all dry Tainio biological formulas sold by AEA.
The free set(s) of Plant Sap Analysis must be redeemed by June 30th 2022.

This offer includes all the Regenerative Soil Primer products.

Why are fall applications so crucial?

As harvest winds down, conditions are favorable to establish strong microbial populations, increasing overall soil health and function. A soil application at this time encourages microbial colonization in your soils when there is likely to be minimal tillage activity, cooler temperatures, and more moisture. The Regenerative Soil Primer breaks down crop residues where pests and pathogens may harbor, preventing carryover to the next season. The Soil Primer can conveniently be applied in-furrow at the time of cover crop seeding or applied onto the emerging crop.

If you grow perennial fruiting crops, fall is also an ideal time for foliar applications to pack your buds with nutrition to optimize fruiting buds and strengthen plants before the dormant season.

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The agricultural industry is experiencing an intense period of price instability and supply chain issues,
causing input prices to surge to new heights.

AEA’s promise since its inception has been to help growers make more money with regenerative agriculture, and we have every intention to fulfil that promise. In order to help you weather these current and abiding circumstances, AEA is committed to holding steady in these chaotic times and will be avoiding price increases until our regular yearly price update on January 1st 2022.

Make the most of our 2021 Fall Incentive Offer to prepare for the seasons ahead!