Do you want to see increased butterfat and protein content from your cows? What about an increase in milk production?  

Ultimate Feed Digestion System

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How would better digestion affect your return on feed and grazing costs?

The ingredients in XCite™ work together synergistically to deliver energy to the biology in the rumen.

Using Xcite™, many dairies have increased feed conversion rates, and grazing based dairies have improved milk per acre metrics. 

Xcite™ trials on more than a dozen farms have shown consistent results of

  • increased butterfat

  • increased protein content 

  • increased milk production

  • increase in livestock weight with a slight reduction in feed consumption 

  • improved cow health

  1. The ingredients in Xcite have been formulated and proven to work together for a synergistic result that is a greater whole than the sum of the parts.

  2. The complex carbohydrates supplied by molasses provides needed energy,  and the sea mineral content supplies trace elements, enzymes and enzyme co-factors necessary for healthy biological function and reproduction.