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Key things to give your cover crop the best start:


High-Quality Seed

A high-quality cover crop starts with a high-quality seed. With all other differences aside, the seed quality can make or break germination rates, stand, and growth.


Microbial Support

In the first few weeks of plant development, seedlings benefit more from partnerships with endomycorrhizal fungi than from mineral fertility. This is because the mycelial network draws in moisture and nutrients that the plant's very small root system can't reach yet. 


Endomycorrhizal Fungi

Endomycorrhizal fungi perform like supplemental roots directly feeding any plant they are connected to, but also can form larger interconnected networks that enable nutrient and moisture.


AEA's BioCoat Gold™ Seed Coat

BioCoat Gold™ is a unique seed coat that protects the seed through germination, then provides the seedling with nutrients, moisture, and energy as it starts to grow, giving the plant a robust start.


To make BioCoat Gold™, selected endomycorrhizal strains are blended with ultra-fine calcium, humates, and diverse seaweed species (kelp). These ingredients foster an ideal growth environment in the soil directly surrounding the seed. 

Applying BioCoat Gold to your cover crop seed costs only $5 per acre!

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The Secret to a Great Cover Crop:

A Great Start in Life

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BioCoat Gold should be applied to your seed to coat the entire seed at a rate of 2-4 ounces per 100 pounds of seed. Smaller seed will require more material for optimum coating since there is more surface per 100 pounds of seed.

When applied as a seed coat at planting, BioCoat Gold™ will:

  • Speed germination

  • Increase seedling vigor

  • Build large aggressive root systems

  • Produce disease suppressive soils

  • Release soil nutrients and makes them available to the plant

  • Help plants grow through stresses


Many inoculants contain only a single or a few strains of bacteria and do not contain fungi or nutritional support, leading to inconsistent performance.


BioCoat Gold™  contains PGPR’s, immune elicitors, multiple strains of synergistic bacteria, multiple strains of synergistic fungi, and nutrition to build a strong microbial community.


Get BioCoat Gold Today!

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