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Traits of Exceptional Farm Managers

Traits of Exceptional Farm Managers

Oct 25, 2018


In this episode, I explore the characteristics shared by farm managers whose operations are exceptionally successful, and consistently outperform similar farms in the region.

In my experience as a field consultant and working with AEA's growers, I’ve observed a set of distinctive managerial patterns in the more successful growing operations. These traits bring outstanding results when farmers apply them over time. Listen to this episode for insights on these characteristics, and how they make growers more successful on their operations.

This podcast episode was originally recorded an exclusive webinar and received such fantastic feedback, I wanted to share it with you. Because this was a webinar, the audio quality is a somewhat lower than usual.

The concepts I cover include:

  • Focusing personal energy on increasing revenue, while delegating responsibility for decreasing costs to  managers
  • Developing an intimate understanding of the agronomic science needed to increase revenue
  • Focusing on developing manageable data, measuring, and documenting which techniques work or don't
  • Making decisions based on data, particularly economic data
  • Having an intuitive heart connection to your crops


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Extraordinary farm managers do more of these things, than others:

  • Focus their time and energy on increasing revenue (spend 80% of own finance related planning time)
  • Delegate decreasing costs to accountants, advisors, and/or other staff (spend 20% of own finance related planning time)
  • Develop an intimate knowledge of the science needed to increase revenue
  • Put a big focus on developing data sets, measuring, and documenting the techniques that work and don't work
  • Are decisive and make decisions based on data, particularly economic data
  • Plan for the long-term
  • Expect perfect implementation and execution from themselves and staff
  • Have close relationships with staff, bordering on family
  • Spend time learning new information (reading books, attending events, listening to educational media)
  • Are open-minded to exploring new information
  • Think big, start small, and scale fast
  • Have an intuitive heart connection to their crops




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