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Taking Charge Of Your Farm’s Future With Jay Hill

Taking Charge Of Your Farm’s Future With Jay Hill

Dec 8, 2020


Jay Hill is a conventional farmer and agricultural visionary from the American Southwest. Jay is a new breed of American farmer, focused on reinvigorating the industry through a new perspective on what is possible for large-scale growers. Through his social media presence and weekly podcast, Jay is calling on farmers across the globe to abandon their old ways of operating and take back the role of “business owner” from outdated intermediaries.

Throughout their conversation, John and Jay discuss:

  • How Jay’s growing operation has evolved over the years to be less resource exhaustive.  
  •  Why farmers need to position themselves as both marketers and business owners
  • Jay’s transition from “Price Taker” to “Price Maker,” and how partnerships in processing give growers more control over their operation.
  • The public perception of American farmers and what needs to be done change the narrative.
  • Strategies to incentivize growing a more nutritious and agronomically beneficial product, and the role of the federal government in this process.