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High Quality Wheat Production with Claudia Carter

High Quality Wheat Production with Claudia Carter

Jan 28, 2020


In this episode of the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, John Kempf interviews Claudia Carter, Executive Director of the California Wheat Commission. Originally from Ecuador, Claudia leads research around the marketability of California wheat and helps to develop and maintain domestic and international markets for this commodity. Through a partnership with the University of California Davis, the California Wheat Commission tests in-field performance of wheat yields and quality. With their in-house research lab, the Commission also develops pasta, bread, and other products to test wheat varieties for performance.


In this episode, Claudia describes her educational journey in cereal sciences, and her focus on the durum quality parameters that processors need to develop a good pasta. John and Claudia discuss biofortification, the process of breeding wheat varieties for a specific nutritional profile. For years, bakers have demanded wheat varieties with lower mineral content, since the presence of minerals interferes with flour performance. Claudia describes the work being done by wheat geneticist, Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky, to reverse this trend and breed wheat varieties with increased quality and nutritional value. Claudia also talks about the function of protein content in baking, and why higher quality wheat is essential for bakers to develop a premium product. If you’re a grain producer, you will find the information in this episode especially useful.



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