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Fungi Matters with Peter McCoy

Fungi Matters with Peter McCoy

Oct 17, 2018


Peter McCoy speaks for the fungi.

His mission is to increase awareness, appreciation and the practical use of all manner of mushroom and mycelia. Peter is a co-founder of the grassroots advocacy group, Radical Mycology. He is also the author of a book by the same name which I’ve found to be the most thorough, current, and inspiring mycological reference available.

For those of you new to the wonderful world of Fungi and regenerative agriculture, mycology is the study of fungi (mushrooms, lichens, molds, etc.) and is a fundamental element of building soil health and profitable regenerative systems.

Peter is in high demand -- appearing in publications, speaking, and recently starting the world’s first mycology school (Mycologos), dedicated to the practical arts and science of working with fungi and, after much fanfare, being successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Peter is well-versed in fungal impacts on agriculture systems on which this podcast episode focuses. His advocacy also covers ecological restoration, medical research, manufacturing, human nutrition, and more.

Actionable Information Within This Episode:

  • Why fungi should be considered a primary component in agricultural systems.

  • Types of fungi to know in farming and how to encourage them.

  • Utilizing fungal roles in the carbon cycle, soil aggregation, stability, and porosity.

  • Calcium syncing and phosphorous harvesting.

  • Myco-remediation techniques for neutralizing toxins.

  • Drought, heat and disease resilience and tolerance.



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