Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Episode #72: Nicole Masters

Episode #72: Nicole Masters

Jun 25, 2021


Nicole Masters is an internationally recognized agroecologist from New Zealand. Fortified by her studies in ecology and plant physiology, Nicole currently serves as the Director of Integrity Soils, a collection of regenerative agriculture coaches that assist growers around the globe. Nicole is also the author of “For the Love of Soil: Strategies to Regenerate Our Food Production Systems.”

In this episode, Nicole and John discuss:

  • Nicole’s background in vermicompost and her strategy of customizing microbial applications to produce specific outcomes.
  • The current rise in research on microbial quorum sensing and quorum signaling.
  • Many case studies and examples that explain relationships between soil life and nutrition profiles and weed populations.
  • The function of biology in response to plant signals and in enhancement of plant immune systems.
  • The practice of bio-priming seeds or land, and how it helps to produce disease-suppressive soils, and to regenerate native plant populations.