Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Episode #71: Harriet Mella

Episode #71: Harriet Mella

Jun 9, 2021


Harriet Mella is an independent Austrian researcher known for her work uncovering the unexplained phenomena of plant growth and development. Informed by her background in microbiology, mycology, and biochemistry, Harriet has a unique capacity to describe little-known connections between emerging biological research and agriculture.

During the interview, Harriet and John discuss: 

  • Observations on epigenetic expressions and the role of optimal nutrition.
  • The flexibility of plant architecture and its direct correlation with microbiome health.
  • Harriet’s insights on zodiac rhythms, humic substances, Biodynamic methods, and numerous first-hand agricultural experiences.
  • When a plant is no longer absorbing nitrate and how this affects water use efficiency and carbon cycling.
  • Harriet’s findings on biophotonics and dark septate endophytes, and her explanation of their impact on plant health.  
  • Building stable humic substances during the winter months with the assistance of specific fungal groups.

Harriet Mella’s new online course, “Carbon Micro Cycling,” explores the connections between soil carbon and soil fertility. Sign up for the course on Kind Harvest today!