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Concepts of Biological Farming with Gary Zimmer

Concepts of Biological Farming with Gary Zimmer

Nov 9, 2018


Gary Zimmer’s impact on modern regenerative agriculture technique and proliferation is hard to overestimate -- with an enthusiasm and zeal that are positively infectious -- we are privileged to have him as a guest on the podcast.

Zimmer is the founder of Midwestern BioAg, a company which advocates similar principals to Advancing Eco Agriculture, while focusing on dry soil amendments.

He farms with his family in Sauk County, Wisconsin and is the author of two seminal books on biological agriculture, which I highly recommend: The Biological Farmer (now available as an updated and expanded second edition), and Advancing Biological Farming.

In this episode, Gary:

  • Provides stories and insights from his decades-long career
  • Clarifies the distinction between soil-correction and crop-fertilizer
  • Reiterates the need to focus on biology in our soils and to use crop variation
  • Warns against simply replacing fertilizer sources point-for-point when transitioning to organic production

The discussion is lively, informative and short. Thus, we decided to invite Gary back for a follow up episode which will air next week, where Gary and I dive deeper into specific actionable steps growers can take to better manage nitrogen and trace mineral nutrition delivery from the soil.

Hope you enjoy!



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