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Leaders in Regenerative Agriculture and Premium Denim Brand Join Forces

In partnership with Citizens of Humanity and Kiss the Ground, Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) has designed a program to work with farmers to grow cotton regenerativel

Thinking Differently About Soil Health - And Farming More Profitably

If you are going to improve your soil health over time, you need a way to adapt your management practices to better align your efforts across your entire farm ecosystem. We must identify what is not working. When most of us think of our operation, we unconsciously accept and assume certain conventional characteristics.

As Conventional Prices Rise, Regenerative Leader Slashes Costs

In the face of climbing input prices, Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), the leader in regenerative agriculture, is offering a fall promotion to lower prices and help more farmers transition to regenerative practices. The promotion includes all AEA and Tainio Biological products.

The Emperor’s Clothes and How Farmers Can Use Regenerative Agriculture to Battle Rising Input Costs

There’s an old story about an emperor who was fooled by two cunning thieves pretending to be tailors. As the story goes, these con men convinced the emperor that their clothes were so delicate and light that they could seem invisible, but those who were intelligent could see them - only the foolish saw nothing.

Don’t Guess, Test: How Farmers Can Use Regenerative Agriculture to Battle Rising Input Costs

In the face of rising input costs and shrinking farm profitability, Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), the leader in regenerative agriculture, has continued to develop customized, cost-conscious programs built to help growers make more money by producing higher quality, healthier plants with inherent resistance to disease and insects. 

Nitrogen Inputs: Combating your Budget’s New Nemesis through Regenerative Agriculture

Nitrogen input prices have skyrocketed across the agricultural industry. What can growers do to protect this season’s crop performance and their bottom line? The answer lies in a stable, slow-release, plant-available approach to profitable nitrogen management.

Deconstructing Disease: More Should Be Considered When Controlling Plant Pathogens

Elementary discussions of plant pathology almost always describe the disease triangle. The foundational concept appears quite simple at first glance. For a “dis-ease” to express itself, a combination of three elements is required...

Turning to Regenerative Farming to Lower Crop Input Cost

The sudden increase of just about every crop input cost, including fertilizers and diesel fuel, is making it harder for a lot of farmers to break even. The increase in input cost started in 2020 with a more substantial uptick happening over the past couple of months.

Leader in Regenerative Agriculture Raises $4.7 Million

Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) has announced the close of $4.7 million of financing to accelerate growth and propel regenerative agriculture across North America and beyond.  This is the first outside investment for AEA, which has been a leader in regenerative agriculture since its inception in 2006...

Is Regenerative Agriculture Profitable? Sarah Day Levesque Breaks Down the Perceived Financial Barriers

Sarah’s Regen Rev presentation, Dollars & Sense of Regenerative Agriculture, swiped at some of the largest misconceptions about regenerative practices, dismantling the perceived financial barriers that come with transitioning away from the conventional approach.

BioCoat Gold™: The Most Budget-Friendly Product You Will Use All Year

Of all the products from AEA, BioCoat Gold™  is simply the most economical way to get your plants off to an optimal start. Over the years, it has become one of AEA’s most popular products for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Phytophthora in Disease-suppressive Soils

In Greek, phytón means “plant” and phthorá means “destruction.” “Plant destruction” sums up a Phytophthora infection quite well. Outbreaks occur primarily in wet, warm weather, and more readily on compacted soils than on well drained...

Why Purchase Soil Inoculants? The Benefits of Off-farm Biology

As a regenerative agriculture consultant, I was delighted to see a return to in-person events in 2021. Being able to connect with growers face-to-face, whether at a conference or in the field, was something I can say we all missed dearly. As I continue to share and interact with others in the agricultural industry, one idea...

Can Plant Health Actually Repel Flea Beetles?

Flea beetles can be a bane of our consulting mission, because there is no special nutritional sauce that knocks them out. We often encounter the worst flea beetle problems on very young brassicas, like arugula or kale, and on spring eggplant.
The problem is that beetles have...

Addressing Crop Health Issues with Regenerative Agriculture

How can you expedite the health of your crops? While it’s known that healthy soils contribute to the overall health of a crop, what may be less well known is that, when supported correctly, a crop can also greatly improve the health of the soil. In fact...

5 Things to Get Your Regenerative Garden Started

Regenerative Agriculture is nothing short of a revolution that continues to gain traction across the globe. With the mainstream success of documentaries like “Kiss the Ground” and a growing consumer base looking for high quality, nutrient-dense food, people are looking to cultivate healthier soils and some are starting in their own backyards.

How to Start Off Your 2022 Growing Season: Nitrogen Use Efficiency

It’s time to plan the planter. How much N do you need? We’re all for less.  Take stock of your current cover crop success and what contribution will likely come from that, as well as crop residues.

3 Essential Tips for Using Biological Inoculants

#1 Soak and stir dry inoculants like Spectrum, Mycogenesis, or OP8 in a small amount of clean, lukewarm water to rehydrate and activate the microbes. 10-15 minutes of soaking is usually sufficient. Not much more, as many species in inoculants will be active after four hours contact with water...

Critical Points of Influence in Reproductive Crops

I came up with the phrase “critical points of influence” to describe a window in a plant’s growth cycle in which a great deal of its future yield potential or disease susceptibility is being determined.

Managing Nutritional Integrity

Based on our work with crops for disease management and fruit quality, we know that nutritional integrity of plants is the foundation for producing extraordinarily healthy crops. A tremendous body of research correlates specific diseases with specific nutritional imbalances. For instance...

Regeneration Feels and Tastes Great, but Profitability is our Goal

We get excited when crops become so vibrant that they regenerate soil health and build soil organic matter while the crop is growing. We are passionate about growing crops so healthy that they transfer their immunity to people and could be considered food as medicine.

Resurrection: One Farm's Experience

Eli Yoder was seriously considering quitting farming. His farm was losing money year after year. His CSA customer base was dwindling. Energy levels, both in the crops and the farm personnel, were at their lowest ebb. Farming had become a chore. But an aggressive attempt to rescue the farm using AEA foundational soil building products Rejuvenate and SeaShield turned the farm around more quickly than anyone thought possible.

Three Proven Methods Of Building Carbon

Adequate levels of functional organic matter and a robust soil digestive system are sorely lacking in most agricultural soils. This lack of humic substances and biology significantly reduces a soil’s water-holding capacity and the ability to release nutrients, all of which leads to large losses in crop quality and yield.