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BioCoat Gold™: The Most Budget-Friendly Product You Will Use All Year 

What is BioCoat Gold™?

BioCoat Gold™ is a beneficial, dry mycorrhizal seed coating that also serves as a soil microbial inoculant to boost microbial populations needed for sustained nutrient availability throughout the growing season. BioCoat Gold™ is mixed directly on the seed at planting.

What exactly does BioCoat Gold™ do?


BioCoat Gold™ acts as a catalyst for seed germination and will not only speed the rate of germination, but also improves the consistency with which your seeds will germinate for early seedling and transplant vigor. Seeds that germinate together will pass through growth stages consistently and will be ready to harvest together.


What makes BioCoat Gold™ so cost effective? 

BioCoat Gold™ carries the highest ROI potential of any AEA application, and can be utilized in your field for as low as 2.50 to 6 dollars an acre for soybeans, corn, and small grains. In addition, any dry lubricants normally used in your seeder can be decreased by the amount of BioCoat Gold™ you use.

What can I expect to see from my field after applying BioCoat Gold™?

When applied as a seed coat at planting, BioCoat Gold™ will:

  • Provide more rapid and even germination

  • Increase seedling vigor

  • Build large, aggressive root systems

  • Produce disease suppressive soils

  • Release soil nutrients and enhance nutrient availability to the plant

  • Help plants weather stressors in the growing season.

For more information, check out our online store here.

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March 17th, 2022


Of all the products from AEA, BioCoat Gold™  is simply the most economical way to get your plants off to an optimal start. Over the years, it has become one of AEA’s most popular products for its effectiveness and ease of use.


To give you a better understanding of how it works, we compiled our most frequently asked questions about the product and answered them below.

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