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AEA Strawberry Trials Results

by Jason L. Hobson

February 4, 2016

AEA partnered with a strawberry breeder in Watsonville, CA and a farm in Santa Maria, CA for a series of replicated trials evaluating use of AEA products and nutrient management programs for strawberry production. 


The Watsonville trial looked at marketable crates per acre, while the Santa Maria trial focused on measuring fruit quality. In both studies, plant sap analysis was used to tailor the nutritional programs to the specific needs of the crop. Drip and foliar applications of AEA materials were applied in addition to a much reduced version of the grower's standard fertility program.


AEA’s berry nutrition programs bring increased production and fruit quality by providing plants with broad and balanced nutrition and by enhancing their support network of beneficial soil biota. 


Supplying a fertility program complete with crucial micronutrients, in the correct forms, allows strawberry plants to fully express their genetic potential in yield, fruit quality and disease resistance.


A vibrant, healthy soil community nurtures a plant by providing plants a rich diet of complex carbohydrates, organic and amino acids, and available minerals.

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