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Ongoing Research and Return on Investment Data for AEA Products and Programs

May, 2016

Washington State University/ Omeg Family Orchards Trial

David is working with Mike Omeg at Omeg Family Orchards on a university trial evaluating the efficacy of Advancing Eco Agriculture programs and products on cherry orchards. 

Watch the video to listen to David explain how university trials work to give farmers clear and unbiased answers about product effectiveness.

For more information visit this link.

David Granatstein, Researcher at WSU

March, 2016

Ag Labs/Manzanita Farms Research Trial

Ag Laboratories and Manzanita Farms have teamed up for a research trial testing the effectiveness of AEA products on reducing disease pressure on strawberry plants. An important facet of the trial was testing whether the AEA program is an economically viable method for strawberry growers on a commercial level. 

Eryn Gray, Ag Laboratories

July, 2016

Initial Results of Manzanita Trial

 A significant decrease in anthracnose was noted on the treated side versus the control. Overall root size was larger and plant health was increased. (see photos)


A yield increase of 17% within the first month of use, with an overall average yield increase of 12.5% was also noted.

See entire data set.

"The test area, treated and untreated, turned out to be so highly infected that none of the blocks were successful as a crop.  At the same time, I am encouraged that there seem to be positive effects on plant growth." 

~Dave Peck, Manzanita Berry Farms



Accumulative Yield Data

November, 2015

Koehn Compost 2015 Harvest Data

Planted 105 day 5289 Prairie Hybrid corn on May 18, cool and wet conditions the following two weeks led to poor germination. Replanted 102 day 2630 Prairie Hybrids corn on June 8.

Nov. 11, 2015, harvested 215 bu. per acre, tested 58 test weight at 19 percent moisture. 

View entire program and harvest data 

August 28, 2015

August 8, 2015

August 31, 2015

October 29, 2015

*Results may vary per farm

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