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We develop systems for large-scale Regenerative Agriculture

We work with growers to create customized crop programs, combining our biological and mineral nutrition products with regenerative practices to improve crop quality, yields, and disease and insect resistance while regenerating soil health.

The Plant Health Pyramid

Pyramid Plant V3 Carousel.jpg

John Kempf explains plant health and its corresponding physiological processes in this comprehensive, full-size infographic. 


This graphic depicts plant health in the form of a pyramid, showing the highest level of health at the top and detailing what plants require to progress to each stage, the pests and diseases plants gain resistance to at each stage and the physiological processes that are set in motion at each stage of plant health. The infographic is best viewed at full scale, which can be seen and downloaded to your desktop by clicking the button below.


Help growers make more money with regenerative agriculture.

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